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Dashamsha Chart Astrology Analysis

Discover the Power of Dashamsha Chart in Our Career & Profession

Understanding the functions of divisional charts is very important when you want to incur the best benefits from the planetary postings in your birth chart. Along with planets, the zodiac signs and the constellation with padas play a significant role in our lives. Today, in this blog post, we will discuss one of the most important divisional charts, the D-10 chart known as the Dashamsha chart. If you are not aware of your Dashamsha chart, you can have an Astro talk online at Bhavishya Astro. You will get all your job and career-related answers here. 

What is the Dashamsha Chart in Astrology?


It is one of the most important charts or Varga in Astrology considered to analyze career and job prospects. According to BPHS scripture by Sage Parashara, the D-10 chart should be considered for bigger results in our lives. However, modern astrology practitioners utilize this chart only to predict in the career and professional realm. 

The rule of analyzing divisional charts does not differ from basic (D 1) chart reading. The yoga, karaka, and planetary posting results all will be considered the same. 

Decipher In-Depth Significance of Dashamsha Chart (D-10)


Dashamsha chart is mainly considered to predict career or karma these days. However, this chart has bigger scenes to understand. Let us have a look at the significance of the Dashamsha chart for a wider perspective through the magnifying glass of Vedic Astrology. 

  • It shows your career perspective with a wider view
  • The Lagna of this chart indicates the overall actions of your life in general. 
  • If there is any benefic planet in the rising sign of this D 10 chart, your desires will be fulfilled through good actions. 
  • The work environment will be described through the Lagna of this chart. 
  • Your hobby is also indicated through the lagna. 
  • What and how you will commence work in your life is seen through this chart. 

In simple words, your Dashamsha chart is the reflection and bigger analysis of your 10th house; the house of your job and career. The more you can decipher the significance of this chart, the more you will be able to make decisions for your career. 

Complete Analysis of D 10 Chart with Houses 


We already know the fact that the Lagna of the D-10 chart shows us the area of our profession. Now, we will learn how the other houses of D 10 chart influence our profession. We will start with the 1st house of this chart again, 

  • 1st House: Environment of your profession. 
  • 2nd House: It indicates how well we gain with moral values and speech. 
  • 3rd House: Courage and ability we put forward in action. 
  • 4th House: Comfort level in our workplace. 
  • 5th House: Your authority or dignity in the workplace. 
  • 6th House: Your daily work routine and the enemy and competition you face at the workplace. 
  • 7th House: Area of partnership and how strong/weak it would be. 
  • 8th House: Very important house for politicians. It shows the chances of promotion or job change.  
  • 9th House: House of luck and mentor. 
  • 10th House: House of your main profession. 
  • 11th House: The house of gain in your profession. 
  • 12th: The house of retirement and foreign work as well. 

You can have a free snapshot of the D-10 chart in Bhavishya Astro. But, if you are asking for the personalized Dashamsha Chart analysis with remedies, feel free to have Astro talk online with registered and experienced astrologers and guru jis at Bhavishya Astro, an online astrology portal of trust. 

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