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The Importance & Benefits of Reading Divisional Horoscopes

We who believe in astrology, all know about horoscopes and the importance of horoscope reading. The reason why is that sometimes we search for the best free online horoscope reading before going on a venture or starting a new work. But, do you know about divisional horoscopes? If your answer is a NO, this blog will shed light on divisional horoscope reading and nurture your knowledge as well. You can also get your free divisional horoscope readings at 

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What is a Divisional Chart?

In astrology, divisional charts offer precise information about your life. Divisional charts are micro horoscopes and are utilized to have a more definitive assessment of the focused areas of life. This concept is not a new one; rather it has been used by Rishis and Jyotish from ancient times. Divisional charts help decipher the special qualities of a person and understand the hidden strengths and weaknesses that the D 1 (general horoscope) chart cannot provide fully. You can consider divisional charts as magnifying glasses to analyze particular areas of your life with detailed information. 


Principle of Divisional Charts

Divisional charts are the sections of a zodiac sign and each section reflects a specific part of our life. In simple words, if your horoscope is a macro chart, the divisional charts are the micro charts. If anyone wants to understand the planetary function better in his/her horoscope, the divisional charts along with nakshatra, and padas of nakshatra should be taken into consideration. Divisional charts provide multi-level analysis based on planets and evaluate every phase of your life 

Understand the Types of Divisional Charts

In Vedic Astrology, our birth chart is divided into multiple divisions. Today, at one of the best free online horoscope reading portals, Bhavishya Astro, we will learn about the most popular divisional charts with their influences on our lives. So, let’s get started…

  • D 1 – It is the general horoscope deciphering general matters. 
  • D 2 – It says about wealth
  • D 3 – It says about your happiness with your siblings
  • D 4 – It narrates your fortune level
  • D 7 – You can know about children
  • D 9 – It is about marriage and luck also
  • D 10 – It says about your career, power, and position 
  • D 12 – You know about your parents
  • D 16 – Know about your vehicles and material happiness
  • D 20 – Says about the spiritual perspective
  • D 24 – Your education and learning ability
  • D 27 – Find out your strengths and weaknesses
  • D 30 – Check about your bad luck and failure 
  • D 40 – Chances of Maternal inheritance 
  • D 45 – Paternal inheritance 
  • D 60 – Past life and karma

Bringing to an End…

We hope you like reading this blog and also you got to  know about divisional charts to a certain extent. For free online horoscope reading, you can definitely consider Bhavishya Astro, your one stop online astrology and horoscope reading portal for free.

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