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Making decisions about a career can be nerve-wracking. Because most of the time, after people dedicate their precious time, efforts, and energy to something, they don’t want to let go of it. A Confluence of Wisdom: Our Stellar Services

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This career numerology by date of birth calculator will read your details and give you your career according to date of birth.


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Most of the time, we go with a career that seems bright with open eyes and shows higher chances to make higher money. But, astrology does not support the same rule. According to Vedic astrology, your birth chart mirrors what you are good at and which profession suits you the best. Hence, it is always a smart and wise decision to consult with a career astrologer before stepping into your career. At Bhavishya Astro, you can talk to an astrologer straight away through live calls or chat. Before that jot down all your career related questions to ask astrologers, and get clarity on how to get prospects in your career. 

If you don’t have any idea about career questions to ask astrologer, don’t worry our astrologer will help you. Your chart shows what questions you have and our professional astrologers guide you with the right answers as well. 

Career prediction in Vedic astrology

At Bhavishya Astro, you will get the best career prediction followed by the principles of Vedic astrology. No matter what types of questions to ask astrologer about career, you will get just the right answers for sure. Our astrologers have deep insights and profound knowledge of Vedic Astrology, and they know how to guide you according to the roadmap reflected through your career horoscope. From the D-1 chart to the D-10 chart, the 10th house to the 2nd, 6th, and 11th house in your horoscope – everything will be analyzed to provide you with the correct information and astrology tips so that you can excel in your career without obstacles and struggles.

People Also Ask

In general, Jupiter is considered the most auspicious and favorable planet for career success. However, the role of the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon is also important when you are thinking about how to attain maximum success in your career. You can contact Bhavishya Astro to have a job astrology online consultation and cater to all your career-related doubts now. 

Your birth chart (D-1), Dasamsa chart (D-10), and Navamsa chart (D-9) are analyzed for career astrology consultation. Your Lagna, 10th house, and to some extent, 2nd and 6th house are deciphered to find out which career option will suit you the best and you can excel faster. At Bhavishya Astrology, you are free to go with career-related questions to ask astrologers

If you have many puzzling career questions and you want these career questions to ask an astrologer, Bhavishya Astro is the best online platform for you. Whether you choose the online chat or live call, our astrologer will guide you on whether a job or business is the best career option for you by checking your birth chart and other divisional charts.   

The prime planet of career in Astrology is Saturn. If have questions to ask astrologer about a career, check the placement of your Saturn in your horoscope. If you don’t know how to check planetary placement, don’t worry, astrologers at Bhavishya Astro will help you with the right astrology guidance and provide tips to improve the strength of Saturn. 

Your 10th house is the prime house for your career, social status, relationship with your boss/hierarchy, and the way you continue income in your life. So, when you go for a job astrology online consultation, the astrologer will check the strength of your 10th house and how to make connections with other houses to predict your career success rate. 

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