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Policy For Online Pooja AND Yagya

In our devotion, we earnestly engage with the concerns of our valued clients who entrust us with the sacred responsibility of conducting pujas on their behalf, aspiring for outcomes aligned with their heartfelt desires. Our pujas are orchestrated by adept Brahmins and Pundits, with a profound lineage spanning at least four generations in this sacred practice. Their expertise is deeply rooted in the wisdom passed down by ancient sages and our venerable Vedic literature, ensuring our clients reap the utmost benefits.

These sacred ceremonies transpire at the historic Khargone Temple in Madhya Pradesh, India, and our accomplished purohits select the venue based on the nature of the Puja. Typically, the ceremony is scheduled within a week of receiving the order, unless a specific date is requested by the customer or dictated by the Puja’s alignment with a particular Tithi (Hindu calendar date) as prescribed by Vedic Shastras.

  • We never do Group Puja. We do every puja private for particular person or family. Every Puja Yagya with Live Telecast so you can watch attend in real time on your Pc or Mobile. 
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