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Navamsha Chart Analysis for Marriage & Luck

Comprehend the Importance of D9 Chart Reading for Marriage & Luck

To all of the astrology enthusiasts and practitioners, the importance of divisional chart analysis is no secret. Along with the D1 chart or the birth chart, the divisional charts help us understand the hidden mysteries of life with strengths and weaknesses more precisely. When the D1 chart focuses on our overall lifestyle, divisional charts focus on specific areas of our lives with broader views. Therefore, today, we will discuss the D9 chart or Navamsha Chart, the chart that says about our fortune, love and relationship, married life, and prosperity in our lives. With the best free horoscope tools at Bhavishya Astro, you can have glimpses of your D9 chart for free. 

What is the D9 Chart in Vedic Astrology?


D9 chart is known as the Navamsha chart. It is the 9th part of your zodiac sign, Moon Sign. Also, it is one of the most important charts among 16 divisional charts in the realm of Vedic Astrology. It has immense importance in our personal and professional lives. This chart is used for minute analysis and emphasizes the areas of marriage, luck, prosperity, mental well-being, and lots more. Navamsha chart offers great help in analyzing the lives of individuals with precise predictions. Every good astrologer and avid reader of the astrology subject considers reading the D9 chart to have a better perception of birth chart analysis. 

Significance of Navamsha Chart in Astrology 


No doubt the significance of the D9 chart is higher than our conviction. This chart is very important to analyze when you are providing an astrological reading to some of your clients or you are doing an analysis for yourself. Birth chart analysis is just incomplete without the analysis of the Navamsha chart analysis. 

Each Navamsha is equivalent to one nakshatra pada, and nakshatra pada holds higher importance in astrological consultation followed by the BPHS concept. From marriage to career, education to upliftment in life, happiness to failure, and so on – all can be easily deciphered with D9 chart analysis. Let us reveal more about the D9 chart, a chart that focuses on our 2nd half of life. 

  • Role of Ascendant: The Navamsha chart is a microscopic part of the D1 chart. It describes how the second half of the life will go on. If a person’s average lifespan is 45, the significance of the D9 chart becomes prominent in his life after the age of 20. His ascendant in the D9 chart rules his life just after his life. 
  • Characteristic of Spouse: This chart reflects so many things about your married life. From your marriage to your spouse – you can know damn good and relevant things about your would-be and upcoming married life with the D9 chart. 

Let’s say, your spouse’s 7th house falls in Aquarius in his D1 chart and in Aries in his D9 chart. So, in the first part of life, your spouse exhibits the Saturnian characteristics. But, in the second part of his life, his characteristics will resemble Martian qualities.  

  • Intensive View of 9th House: The Navamsha chart provides a wider idea of your 9th house of the horoscope or D1 chart. It says about your fortune with a bigger perspective with other essential significance. 

We have discussed here a few of the many significances of the D9 chart. If you are looking for a personalized reading on your D9 chart, contact Bhavishya Astro for a thorough and accurate astrology consultation. Until you have your appointment, know about your married life and luck with the best free horoscope available at

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