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D4 Chart Reading for Property/Home

Understand The Value of the D4 Chart Reading for Property/Home

Your career, success, and happiness seem incomplete until you can have your own Home. Home, Sweet Home – every one of us nurtures the desire to buy a home once we start flourishing in our career or earning good. Akin to money, our home luck plays an important role when we try to buy a home. So, with the help of the best accurate horoscope on the property and fortune, also known as the D-4 chart we will learn the luck and possibilities of buying a home here in this blog.

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Now, let’s move on to the discussion of the D-4 chart, one of the most important divisional charts conveys the possibilities, timing, and sort of house you can have. 


What is the D-4 Chart in Divisional Chart?


The D-4 chart is known as Chaturthamsa Chart. It is considered to check the possibilities of land-related assets for natives. It is a very important chart to check out when a native is going to buy a home, land, plot, shop, or something else. This chart says about the destiny of a native in property-related matters. What kind of property s/he can buy, when, and how – all can be deciphered when an experienced astrologer analyses the D-4 chart. Even the chances of property loss also can be understood by the D-4 horoscope. 


Other Significance of the D-4 Chart – Must Read


The fourth house in the D-1 chart, the horoscope, and its lord hold special significance in buying a home. If the fourth house lord in the D1 or Rashi chart is strong, exalted, and placed in a friendly house, the chances of buying your own home improve. But, if the 4th house lord is under the influence of malefic or placed in trik houses (6th, 8th, or 12th), it results in troubles and unfortunate situations for the natives regarding property matters. 


Planets in the 4th House in the D-4 Chart & Effects


Now, we are aware of how the D-4 chart and the 4th lord in our horoscope influence our home luck. Now, we will know how different planets in these houses provide us with what sorts of houses. 

  • Sun: It provides a susceptible home that can be a thatched hut or a palace. 
  • Venus: It blesses natives with an aesthetically beautiful house with designer bedrooms, a dining hall, and modern facilities. 
  • Mercury: It provides a home that will have a big library, garden, and a home office
  • Moon: Moon provides water waterfront-facing home with a great view, wide space, and a swimming pool; a luxurious home. 
  • Saturn: It provides shabby or old homes with no modern facilities. You could be living in a slum also. 
  • Jupiter: The planet provides the home with a beautiful puja room, wooden floor, and walls. You can buy a home next to a temple. 
  • Mars: If Mars is prominent in the 4th house, the native will have a home with a big kitchen area and secured structure. 
  • Rahu: It provides a strangely shaped home. It could be big. 
  • Ketu: This planet provides you home in a corner of a plot. The house will be tiny and situated crossings of two lanes or roads. 

So, if you are thinking of buying a new home, go for the best accurate horoscope reading of your Chaturthamsa or D-4 chart. It will be beneficial and help you avoid loss easily. 

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