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9th house in the horoscope

Discover The Power of Your 9th House – Your House of Fortune

Everyone is curious to know their fate no matter how old they are or what they are doing.  Believe it or not, we all wish that if could have the Golden Fortune. The reason why, we visit astrologers, take numerological consultations, tarot readings, and gemstone remedies to find ways to appease our luck.

You can find how your time is going now through free vedic horoscope reading at Bhavishya Astro, one of the top and free astrology portals in India. Other than that, if you want to know how lucky you are and how much luck will support you, you must know about the Ninth House and its lord in your horoscope. 

So, today, we will discuss the Ninth House of Kalpurush Kundali and how it impacts our lives closely. 


Ninth House & Your Luck


The ninth house has a major role in our lives. It is called the House of Forture. Sagittarius is the 9th house in KPK and is ruled by planet Jupiter. It is the house of your Dharma. Your spiritual belief, faith in your religion, higher wisdom, your father, guru, boss, elder family member, your philosophical quotient, long-distance travel, travel to spiritual places, your morality, a hidden force that supports/ruins you, the opportunity to earn money from foreign lands, and your rise and fall – all are reflected from your ninth house. This house also indicates law, international affairs, publishing, and diplomacy skills. How lucky you are, whether you are blessed for your previous birth or not, and how much you are devoted to God or respect the elderlies in your family. 

Natives who are born with the auspicious ninth house, they truly lucky and they can lead happy and harmonious lives with less effort. 


Different Planets in the 9th House


Now, we are a bit aware of how the ninth house helps shape/block our luck and life. It is time to find out how different planets in this house impact our luck. 


  • Sun: Sun in the 9th house endows a native with knowledge, luck, a supportive father, and favor from government or government bodies. 
  • Moon: Your mother will support your whole life. Your knowledge will be the strongest weapon. Native will be educated, fortunate, and affluent. 
  • Jupiter: If Jupiter is in the ninth house, the native will be highly spiritual. The natives will go on frequent travels, especially to temples and holy places. The placement will bring name and fame from a foreign land. 
  • Mercury: Mercury in the 9th house is not that much auspicious. It makes the native over-analytical in religious matters. 
  • Saturn: The native will experience the happiness of property a bit late in life. He will not have a good relationship with his father. 
  • Mars: The native will be lucky in matters of land and property. 
  • Venus: This placement brings happiness and success after marriage. 
  • Rahu: Not considered a good placement. Luck will smile only after 42. 
  • Ketu: It is considered good somehow. The native will be extremely spiritual. 

To Conclude, 

It is for sure clear that the 9th house in the horoscope has an extreme impact on our luck and life. No one can escape its results. And if you want to know your 9th house luck, go for a free vedic horoscope reading at Bhavishya Astro and find your planet of fortune easily. 

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