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The Power of Your 4th House & Your Fortune Owning a Home

Buying a home is a dream come true. We all think about buying a home at some point in our lives. No matter how high or low our income is, we think of having our own house. If you are the one who is thinking of a good time to buy a home and how fortunate you are in this matter, this blog will answer your questions. You can also chat to an astrologer at Bhavishya Astro to find the best time to buy a property according to the planetary position aligned with your birth chart. 


Connection Between Birth Chart and Home Purchase


Your chart reflects the whole of you. From your health to wealth, marriage to mortgage, and prosperity to property, and lots more can be deciphered through your birth chart reading. So, if you are counting the days and thinking about when you can buy a home or what kind of home you may have, you need to understand the power of your 4th house and the lord of this house first. The 4th house in a birth chart indicates our comfort of home. However, other planets also decide how fortunate you are in buying a home. 

Mainly, the position of the 4th house, its lord, and the placement of the 4th house lord and/or its conjunction with other houses or planets are also considered to predict your home fortune. 


Divisional Chart & Property Luck


Along with your D1 chart (Birth Chart), your D4 chart or Chaturamsha chart plays an important role in Vedic astrology. This chart sheds clear light on whether you can buy your home or not. Also, it indicates how easy or tough it will be for you to purchase a home. The D4 chart offers a deep understanding of your home life, comfort, and luck. You can get to know clearly whether you can have immovable properties or not. This chart also reflects information on your foreign settlement or change of your home. 


Planetary Placement and Chances of Buying a Home


In Vedic Astrology, the Moon is the karaka of the fourth house. Moon also owns the 4th house, the Cancer. So, once you start earning your bread and butter, you need to look after the placement of the Moon in your birth chart. If you cannot read a chart, you can certainly take the help of a genuine astrologer. You can consider an online birth chart reading at Bhavishya Astro for accurate predictions. Let’s have a look at how planets influence your dream of purchasing your own house. 

  • If the Moon is in your 4th house and it is in an auspicious position, you will be lucky to have your own home at a very early stage of life. 
  • If Venus is in your 4th house, it opens up opportunities and provides you the courage to get your own home. You will be the owner of a beautiful home. 
  • If Jupiter is in your 4th house and the Moon is also powerful, you can have a big and spacious home. Your home will remain protected from evil eyes. 

Also, the power of Saturn and Mars is considered to predict whether a person can have his own home or not. 


Hope you found the piece helpful. To find out more about your home luck, consider having a chat to astrologer at Bhavishya Astro, an online astrology portal of trust. 

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