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Kundali Matching Process

Kundali/Horoscope Matching – Astrological Way Identifying Right Partner for Marriage

“Marriages are made in Heaven” – more or less every one of us has heard this phrase once in our lifetime. Isn’t it? Now, the question is how you can identify the person you have chosen is the right one for you. Is there any way to find out whether the person (your would-be wife/husband) is compatible with you or not? Yes, astrology can help here precisely. At Bhavishya Astro, you can have the best free horoscope reading with Kundali matching reports with other premium services for free. 

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Why You Should Go for Kundali Matching? 


We all dream of having a peaceful and harmonious married life. Isn’t it? But, not everyone is that lucky to have such. Cruelty, abuse, verbal and physical abuse, rudeness, unrealistic expectations, financial deprivation, blame-shifting, and so on are there that harm the happiness and peace of married life. So, if you don’t want to undergo such critical and painful situations after marriage, the Kundali Matching process is key to knowing whether your marriage will be a happy and healthy one or not.  Also, this process helps to find an ideal life partner that your open-eye judgment cannot. 

What You Can Know Through the Kundali Matching Process? 


Kundali Matching is also known as Match Making or Kundali Milan process. This is a systematic process in Astrology to find out the compatibility score between would-be husband and wife through eight paramount categories. These Eight categories are known as Kootas and this whole process of matching is also called AshtaKoota Milan. These categories shed light on different areas of life and each of the categories carries a certain point (Guna) which makes thirty-six points (Gunas) in total. The higher score a couple gets through the Kundali Matching process the higher compatibility they will share with their partners.  Let us check out the 8 parameters or Gunas are considered for the Kundali Matching process, 

  1. Varna: It shows the level of ego. There are four types of categories. 
  2. Vashya: It indicates how much mutual attraction the couple will have. There are five categories. 
  3. Tara: It shows the compatibility of the stars. There are 27 nakshatras. 
  4. Yoni: 14 animals are considered for Yoni milan. When the bride and groom have compatible yoni, they share a strong conjugal life. 
  5. Graha Maitri: It indicates the friendship quality between the partners. If the Moon sign lords are friends, it is considered auspicious. 
  6. Gana: It decides the temperament of the spouses. When both share the same or compatible gana (Dev, Manava, or Rakshasa), the marriage works fine. 
  7. Rashi or Bhakoot: It sheds light on the emotional compatibility between bride and groom. The placement of the moon in the bride’s and groom’s chart should be seen here. 
  8. Nadi: It says about the health and genes. This part provides 8 points among 36 points. 

It is said that 18 points are the minimum to sustain a marriage. If a couple scores 24 or above, the journey of marriage seems easy and blissful. 



So, anyone who is about to get married and wants to know whether he has chosen the right partner or not can go for the best free horoscope reading on Kundali Matching online. Bhavishya Astro offers the free Kundali Matching report to let couples know how stars will influence their married life and what remedies can be taken to lead a happy married life. 

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