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Vedic Astrology Provides Most Accurate Insights Than Western Astrology

When it comes to having the best accurate horoscope predictions, Vedic Astrology methods make the top. Vedic astrology has been in use since ten thousand BC. The Sanskrit word Jyotish meant the Heavenly bodies. When Western astrology counts on the tropical zodiac, Vedic astrology counts on the precise placement of constellations and uses the sidereal zodiac. Instead of focusing only on the sun sign horoscope, Vedic astrology focuses on planets, stars, and their precise relationship to the horizon. So, if you want detailed information about your past, present, and future, you just cannot take your sun sign. Your moon sign and lagna are also very important, and here Vedic astrological calculations do the wonders. 

Why Vedic Astrology Horoscope is More Accurate?

Several reasons are there that make Vedic Astrology and horoscopes more accurate. Let us discuss this in brief…

  • Vedic astrology is a Moon sign and lagna-based system
  • It covers all aspects of a chart to decipher the whole life accurately. 
  • Vedic astrology describes not only a natal chart (D 1) but also analyzes charts up to Divisional chart 60. 
  • Each divisional chart defines the unique features of a native.
  • It considers Vimshotarri Dasha to analyze the planetary positions for the coming future. 
  • It considers two Shadow Planets including Rahu and Ketu to precisely brief a natal chart. 
  • The nakshatra in a natal chart is very important to predict the Avastha and the way the planet behaves, and Vedic astrology grants the value of nakshatra in analyzing a birth chart indeed. 
  • Not only the zodiac signs but also the nature of the signs including their elements (fire, water, air, and earth), and nature (cardinal, fixed, and mutable) are considered to decipher the effects of planets on native life. 

Along with planetary placement, the progression of planets, transits, and motion (direct or retrograde) – all are taken into account to analyze a birth chart. 

How Vedic Astrology Guides You Precisely?

You have already seen in the adjacent para how much detail you can have with a Vedic Astrology Horoscope reading. Vedic astrology considers every detail including the placement of planets, their stars, and motion of course during the time of a native’s birth. Even, Vedic astrology believes in mapping your Karma and Dharma with the 5th and 9th houses of your birth chart respectively. Each house in a chart defines each part of our life with a precision that any other astrology method in the world hardly can provide. So, once you think of preparing the best accurate horoscope go for a Vedic astrology consultation without any doubt. 

You will not regret your decision. Rather, you will acquire all the useful information that helps you overcome the roller coaster journey in your life. 

Vedic Astrology – The Real Astrology

Both Vedic and Western astrology consider similar planets and provide readings. However, the way Vedic Astrology calculates it provides more detailed information and generates the best accurate horoscope that becomes the roadmap of your life. 

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