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How Astrology Helps Predicting Diseases Based on 12 Houses

Your horoscope mirrors you. Sounds wired? However, it is 100% true. There is nothing beyond your horoscope. Anything you want to know about life, your horoscope holds the answers. The only condition is that you need to visit an experienced astrologer for a horoscope reading and get answers to your unasked/suppressed queries. Today, we will discuss how a horoscope signifies health issues irrespective of zodiac signs. If you have no horoscope yet, you can have one for free at Bhavishya Astro and a free Vedic horoscope reading online. 


Astrology and Your Health Issues – Medical Astrology


When astrology talks about your health and health-related issues, it becomes medical astrology. When there is a body, there is disease. But, you can prevent your health from suffering if you can decipher the signs of the celestial bodies, planets, and stars. As it said, prevention is better than cure, and astrology helps indicate in advance if there is any chance of falling with health issues through houses, planetary postings, and transits. 

So, let us have bigger insights into 12 houses in a zodiac belt and find out diseases related to the same. 

1st House: The first house indicates your head, mind, hair, and skin. If the house is afflicted then it can lead to headaches, migraine, and lack of vitality and vigor.  

2nd House: The house associated with your food habit. Also, it indicates your eyes, mouth, teeth, and nose. If the house is weak, you may suffer from fever, stomach issues, bone fractures, and skin issues. 

3rd House: This is the house of the throat, caller bones, hands, and neck. The affliction of the 3rd house causes pain or wounds in the parts described above. Also, a weak 3rd house may threaten bone fracture, tumors, piles, ulcers, chicken pox, etc. 

4th House: It is the house of happiness. If there is malefic, you may suffer from the issues of blood pressure, chest, heart, and lungs. 

5th House: The 5th house is the house of your mental realm and heart. The affliction in the 5th house can cause issues in the heart, gall bladder, upper abdomen, and intestine. 

6th House: It is the prime house for diseases. Hence, if the house is aspected by malefic, it provides health issues in the digestive system, kidney, anus, and uterus also. 

7th House: The 7th house is an essential part of reproduction. It indicates sperm, ovary, uterus, and prostate gland. If the house is afflicted, this may harm your reproductive organs and workability. 

8th House: This house indicates long-term illness, mutilation, mental anxiety, and accident. The presence of malefic in the 8th house provides issues in external genitals, urine, and blood. 

9th House: It is the house of knee, thighs, joints, and bones. The affected ninth house causes problems in these aforesaid parts of your body. 

10th house: If the 10th house of your horoscope is in affliction, you may suffer from knee or joint pain, stomach ache, and blindness too. 

11th House: You will suffer from breathing issues, and problems in your buttocks and legs if the 11th House is in affliction. 

12th House: If the 12th house is affected by malefic then it causes issues in the left eye, feet, and mental trauma. 

Summing Up,


We have tried to cover the prime health issues based on the 12 houses in the Kalpurush Kundali. For personalized medical astrology and predictions, you can contact the best astrologer in Bhavishya Astro. And for now, if you want to know which house is afflicted in your chart, go for a free Vedic horoscope reading at Bhavishya Astro, a trusted online astrological platform so far. 

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