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Jupiter is Important in a Birth Chart

Definite Signs You Have Weak/Afflicted Jupiter in Your Horoscope

When it is all about your fortune and support from elders, seniors at the workplace, and from your father and gurus, Jupiter is the significant planet to take account into. Jupiter is the natural karaka of the 9th house, the house of Dharma and Fortune in the Kaalpurush kundali. It is also the lord of the 12th house, the Pisces which denotes isolation, sacrifice, detachment, and selfless work. So, wherever Jupiter is in your birth chart, it carries the energy of the 9th and 12th house simultaneously. If you still don’t know where Jupiter is in your chart, get the best free horoscope from Bhavishya Astro, one of the best free online horoscope services in India.

Why Jupiter is Important in a Birth Chart?


As mentioned, Jupiter denotes the 9th house energy, your luck, destiny, and supportive figures around you. Jupiter manifests Dharma, Righteousness, Higher Education, Wisdom, and Spiritual Knowledge. Hence, if a man is deprived of these qualities, it is clear that he has weak Jupiter in the birth chart. To lead a blissful and blessed life, you cannot deny the support of your luck and Jupiter denotes the luck and support from the hierarchies at the workplace and elderly members of your family; especially your father.

How to Understand Jupiter is Weak in a Birth Chart?


Several signs indicate that a native is deprived of the blessings of Jupiter. Let us find out how….

  1. Low Moral Esteem: Yes, Jupiter is the planet of Dharma and Honesty. So, when a native is born with weak Jupiter, s/he lacks a sense of morality and real values in life. The native will find shortcuts or unethical ways to complete tasks that s/he is assigned. S/he tells frequent lies to accomplish purposes.
  2. Obstacles in Higher Education: Jupiter is the karaka of the 9th house, the house of higher education, wisdom, and special knowledge. If a native is born with a weak 9th house or afflicted Jupiter, s/he will definitely face challenges to complete his higher studies.
  3. Father/Guru Remains Non-Cooperative: The Sun is the planet of the father and your 9th house denotes what kind of father or guru you will have. If the 9th house comes under affliction or the 9th house lord is debilitated and there is no support from the benefic planet, you will hardly receive support from your father or fatherly figures in your life.

Even, the placement of malefic planets like Saturn, Ketu, and Rahu in the 9th house denotes the same issue.

  1. Health Issues: Jupiter controls our digestive part. So, if Jupiter is weak in the horoscope, the native will suffer from frequent digestive issues, low immunity, diabetes, liver-related issues, and bad cholesterol.
  2. Financial Challenges: Jupiter is a natural yoga karaka of the 2nd, 5th, 10th and 11th houses. So, if Jupiter is weak in a chart, the native will face constant problems in financial matters throughout his life.

Besides, the native will find it hard to maintain a healthy relationship with others, undergo a lack of opportunities, and be devoid of spirituality.

To Conclude,

So, if you have found such symptoms and consequences in your life, you might have a weak Jupiter. Some astrological and spiritual remedies certainly help you to evade these problems. First, have the best free horoscope at Bhavishya Astro and contact the best astrologer here. With remedial corrections and celestial guidelines, you will be able to improve your Jupiter for sure.

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