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Top 10 Questions That You Should Ask An Astrologer

Your horoscope reflects what you are, what you can do, and what your life purpose is. Until you reach out to the best astrologer, you cannot have the answers to all very grueling questions humming in your mind for such a long time. So, if you have just discovered the astrologer you want to visit, jot down the questions to ask from astrologer. It should be done primarily before meeting your astrologer. Until and unless you don’t know what questions to ask Jyotish, your purpose of consulting with an astrologer remains unfulfilled. 

Thus far, today, in this blog post at Bhavishya Astro, we will discuss the top most essential questions that every Astro-Enthusiast should ask the astrologer he/she visits or consults with. 


10 Important Questions Everyone Should Ask an Astrologer

Let’s dive deep and understand which good questions to ask astrologers to achieve noteworthy insight that helps us make the most important life decisions. Here are the questions follows as… 


1. What are Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising Sign?

This is the first question you should ask your astrologer upon your visit. You should know what your moon sign (your emotion), ascendant (Your inner strength), and sun sign (Your Status in Society) are. these will help you to understand yourself better and you can find out who you are exactly. However, when you visit an astrologer, he/she will hand you a complete Horoscope or Kundali. You can get to know about your Rashi, Langa, and Sun signs by reading the horoscope report. 

Once you know your moon, sun, and rising sign, you can have an idea of your luck and purposes through daily/weekly/monthly/weekly astrology forecasts. Visiting an astrologer is not possible every time you have a question in mind. So, ask your astrologer in the first meeting about your signs and it will clear half of the picture of your life. 


2. How do the Planetary Placements and Alignments Affect My Life and Personality?

Ask the astrologer to define your planetary placements and their alignments with other planets and houses. It will help you to understand your characteristics along with your strengths and weaknesses followed by the qualities that stand you out in the crowd. Even, if you are an Astro-enthusiast and remain curious always to know more, you can ask about the Divisional charts; especially the D-9 and D-10 charts. It will provide you with a better view of your destiny and career for the coming future. 


3. What are the Strengths and Weaknesses in My Chart?

Don’t forget to ask your astrologer about your strengths and weaknesses and request him to elaborate on them. It will help you to decide the right path in your life. Plus, using your strengths you can make better decisions in your personal and professional life, and deal with challenges more efficiently.


4. What Are the Major Transits Influencing My Life?

Transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu always impact our lives heavily. Hence, ask your astrologer when the transit will happen again and how the upcoming transits of these planets influence your life. Also,  consider the question to ask Jyotish for the precautions and remedies to save yourself during the transit if anything negative arises. A good astrologer always provides remedies with precautions. Plus, he will guide you on what to do and what not to do during the transitions for your personal and professional life security. 


5. How to Improve My Relationship With my Spouse/Partner and Maintain Balance in It?

Whether you are in love, don’t forget questions to ask astrologer about love. The answers help you to make wise decisions in your relationship and you can better sort out problems in love life. Astrological guidance shows better ways of communication and enhancing understanding between lovebirds. If you want to make your married life peaceful and harmonious, ask questions to astrologer about marriage improvement tips to maintain a balance between you two. 


6. What is the Best Career Option for Me According to My Horoscope?

Most of us choose the wrong path in our career and later we regret the decision. But, once you visit an astrologer and undergo career astrology consultation, you will devoid yourself of such mistakes easily. An experienced astrologer guides you in the right direction in your career by analyzing your horoscope. As we said already, the horoscope reflects our energy and shows what we are and what we are good at. If you are about to take a comprehensive astrology consultation, you should not ignore questions to ask from astrologer about your career. 

Sometimes, what you study cannot set your career accordingly as your fate has already decided something different and better for you that only an expert astrologer can understand and guide you in decoding your horoscope.  


7. What Can I Expect in the Coming Years?

An educated and highly professional astrologer not only guides you for your present but also tells you what you are about to expect in coming years based on the upcoming planetary transition and their potential impact on your life. You can better understand the energy surrounding you and take precautions to deal with challenges and embrace opportunities.


8. What Should I Do to Promote My Well-Being?

A learned astrologer can provide you a thorough guidance on how you can improve your well-being by creating a balance among your self-care routines, stress management, and emotion administration. Your birth chart shows it all and an astrologer tells the same to you.  


9. How does Past Life Connection Influence Present Life and Karma?

According to Vedic Astrology, the 5th house shows our Purva Punnya. So, an astrologer can clear your concerns about your past life karma and its connection to the present life by deciphering the 5th house, the planet sitting in it and the dispositor as well. 


10. How Can I Embrace Growth In My Personal and Professional Life?

Last but not least question to ask Jyotish is about growth. The growth in your personal and professional domains. Ask your astrologer how you can ensure growth in your life and what self-discovery process you need to obtain according to your zodiac sign and ascendant. A genuine astrologer certainly guides you with the right insight and way to attain success and growth aligned with your chart’s promises. 



It is better to consult with an astrologer of your choice despite living in despair and confusion. Consulting with an astrologer is always beneficial and allows you to unplug so many hidden answers to boost your morale and keep you up in your tough times. 

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